Global Warming Revisited

Oren Lyons' Global Warming Revisited: Recognizing the Universal Systems of Nature that Governs the Earth is available. Click Here to download an Acrobat copy.

The Peacemaker's Journey

An audio CD by Cheif Jake Swamp.
The CD is available for purchase through the Institute for $12 (proceeds of sales to support Tree of Peace Society). To order a copy Click Here.


Pauline Whitesinger's video
taped keynote to the Flathead Ancient
Voices Forum
is now available.
To view a sample click here.
To order the video click here.

American Indian Institute

Above All, Respect

The American Indian Institute and Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth continue along a wisdom guided journey into mutual respect; following the Elders counsel that above all else, respect for self, respect for others and respect for Mother Earth must guide our lives.


The mission of the American Indian Institute is to perpetuate the ancient wisdom and cultural heritage of North America’s Native people, and to promote a greater understanding of that wisdom among all people. The Institute achieves its mission by serving as the administrative agency and support source for the Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth, a coalition of grassroots spiritual leaders from Indian nations throughout North America.


The American Indian Institute recognizes traditional Indian wisdom as an endangered human resource that is relevant to today’s world and that holds keys to our common survival. Looking seven generations into the future, we see a world in which the values and traditions of indigenous people are respected for the wisdom they hold for the Earth and all its peoples. We pursue this vision by supporting the Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth as it teaches, motivates, and celebrates traditional Indian peoples today.

We act as facilitators of gatherings of traditional peoples, promoters of healing of Indian communities, and supporters of efforts to educate non-Indians about the wisdom and harmony inherent in the traditional indigenous worldview.


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