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April 2009


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A Swedish Report

An excellent 14 minute television newscast report on the Flathead Forum was produced by Swedish TV4's Åsa Stibner. The original was broadcast in Sweden and picked up by numerous European stations. A version with English subtitles is available at the Ancient Voices web site.

We Shall Remain

The second in the PBS series We Shall Remain, "Tecumseh's Vision" aired on Monday April 20. For more information about the series click here.

What Forum Participants Are Saying

"I am very committed to helping create/ generate a non-native circle that can gather, integrate and synergize and have the guidance of the Traditional circle for moving forward on more public matters. It was such a powerful thing for me as Oron shared, a few times, "this may be the core group" Very inspiring directive. And what better time to have a task like the Doctrine of Discovery to come into partnership with the Native Elders and people in a social action that can have so much benefit for First Nations Peoples everywhere. As well as, hold the potential for all people to be able to come forward, make amends, and find new ways to care for the earth together. Very exciting times indeed!! I feel blessed and privileged to participate in such historical happenings."

- Laura Centorino

Now Available. Pauline Whitesinger's videotaped keynote address to the Flathead Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts Forum can be purchased from the American Indian Institute for $20.00. A portion of the proceeds go to Pauline the rest helps support the Institute. To purchase a copy, click here. To see a sample video of the address click here.

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