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Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts

American Indian Institute, Bozeman, Montana


May 2009


Planning is underway for the next Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts Forum. To take place in 2010, the tentative site is the Canyon de Chelly area of the Navajo Nation. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. To start or join a conversation about the next forum go to http://www.twocircles.org/TwoCirclesBB. If you want regular up-dates about forum planning, click here to make sure you continue to receive this enewsletter.

While the American Indian Institute is not yet accepting reservations you can email Lisa Sutton at the Institute and ask to have your name put on the list of those interested in registering. Lisa's email is Lisa@TwoCircles.org

New Links

New links have been added to the Ancient Voices links page. One is an Oren Lyons' essay about the need to obey nature's laws. Do you have links to share with other Ancient Voices Forum particpants? Please share by going to the Ancient Voices "addtolinkslist" and suggesting additions to the list.


The 8th issue of Sacred Fire Magazine is out and contains Tom Porter's Mohawk Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address.


What's your take as to why certain individuals and groups insist that global warming is not real? Go to the Two Circles Bulletin Board and share your view point.

What Forum Participants Are Saying

"there is a concept called 'therapeutic alienation'* in which oppressed people and others trying to assist them fall into, it is when we are just doing "good things" for therapy as opposed to actually making the situation better. as with any conference, people make sincere connections and "promises" of what they are going to do but once we return home, our own shit takes precedence, not that what we stated prior was not sincere, but hell time and ''priorities" get in the way. I think with all conferences there needs to be more follow-through on what people say they are going to do. this goes for me as well. you see how long it took me to respond due to my schedule, it was not that I did not want to. I assume I speak for others. perhaps an email can be sent to everyone stating that we realize "everyday'' life has taken over but if we said we were going to do something, try and do it (it does not have to be right now, give everyone a month or two, if they need more time, grant it, but see that it gets done). for example, I have followed-up with a few people but I am to send a few others examples of the myths and how to use them. I have their business cards right on my table, in front of my computer and I am going to get it done, but have not yet."

- Kwame Skruggs

* A concept originated by author and linguist James McWhorter.


Jay Harman - "Emulating Nature's Design Genius," a Bioneers keynote. Click here for the video

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