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August 2009


Joe Medicine Crow Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Joe Medicine Crow was among the Elders who attended the first meeting of what became the Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth. That gathering took place in 1977 at the headwaters of the Missouri River in Montana.

President Obama Honors Joe Medicine Crow

Whitehouse statement: "Whitehouse statement: "As a warrior and living legend, history flows through Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow High Bird. Born on a reservation and raised by traditional grandparents, he became the first member of his tribe to earn a master's degree. For his valiant service in World War II, he was awarded the status of Crow War Chief, and his renowned studies of the First Americans and contributions to cultural and historical preservation have been critical to our understanding of America's history. Joe Medicine Crow is a symbol of strength and survival, and the United States honors him for his dedication to this country and to all Native Americans."

As reported by the Associated Press: "There was no time allotted for the award recipients to speak, but that didn't stop Medicine Crow. It took a few seconds for him to come forward when his name was called. But passing the microphone on his way back to his seat, he declared: 'I'm highly honored.'"

For a transcript of the entire Medal Of Freedom awards ceremony, CLICK HERE. For a video of the entire ceremony CLICK HERE
(be patient, it takes a while to load).

Video of Interest

For an interesting documentary film trailer featuring Joe Medicine Crow CLICK HERE.

Ancient Voices List Serve

Thanks to those who signed up on the Ancient Voices list serve. Anyone else? CLICK HERE

In a video available at http://intercontinentalcry.org/a-conversation-with-john-mohawk/, John Mohawk (a keynote speaker at the first Ancient Voices forum), sits down for a half hour conversation on the Free Speech TV series Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman.

It is one of the final occasions John appeared on video before passing away at his home in December 2006.

Global Climate Change Impacts Report

A wide ranging report on the current and future impacts of global climate change on the United States was released in June. CLICK HERE to download the full report or CLICK HERE for a website providing more information about Global Climate Change.

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