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Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts

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November 2009


The last Ancient Voices e-newsletter contained a video clip in which Onondaga Faithkeeper, Oren Lyons, says that what is needed now boils down to four words, "value change for survival." On the Ancient Voices listserve we are discussing practical steps that can be undertaken to act on changed values for survival. We started with the "Food Not Lawns" website http://www.foodnotlawns.com/. Want to be a part of the conversation? Go to the Ancient Voices Listserve, join and add your thoughts and ideas.

Joe Medicine Crow on Home Grand Radio

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On Tuesday, November 3, 2009 Joe Medicine Crow was interviewed by Brian Kahn on his NPR radio show Home Ground. To hear the interview choose a player below.

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On Using the Ancient Voices Listserve

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If you have had trouble using the Ancient Voices listserve or have hesitated to sign up because it

seems too complicated, have no fear; it's much simpler than it seems. CLICK HERE for popup instructions.

    The Parliament of the World's Religions takes place December 3-9, 2009 in Melbourne Australia. The Program Book is now available online where you can read a summary of each day’s activities or download complete schedules in PDF form. To review this listing of over 650 offerings, CLICK HERE.

2009 Global Forum Summarized

In a five and one half minute YouTube video, Oren Lyons and others who participated in the 2009 Global Forum in Stockholm, Sweden provide a summary for that forum. To view the video visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlk8EbVacyw.

Events Calendar Activity

New events have been added to the Ancient Voices calendar (Hint: a four-day conference scheduled for June 2010). CLICK HERE to visit the calendar. E-mail Galen@TwoCircles.org with any suggestions you have for additions to the Calendar.

For additional informaton about the Extreme Ice Survey and some amazing photos and video visit www.ExtremeIceSurvey.org

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