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December 2009


Suggested Reading for the Navajo Forum

The following readings were suggested for preparation for the Navajo Forum in February 2010.

1. Words That Come Before All Else,
    Environmental Philosophies of the Haudenosaunee

  • Chapter: "Creation" by Paul Williams, Kayanesenh
  • Chapter: "The People" by Taiake Alfred
  • Chapter: "Grand Mother Moon" by Katsi Cook, Iewirokwas
  • Chapter: "The Creator" by F. Henry Lickers
  • For more information about this book CLICK HERE

2. And Grandma Said... Iroquois Teachings as passed down
   through the oral tradition,

   by Tom Porter (Sakokweniónkwas), 2008

  • Chapter 26: "The Great Law of Peace Part 1: The Birth of the Peacemaker"
  • Chapter 27: "The Great Law of Peace Part 2: The Birth of the Confederacy"
  • Chapter 28: "The Great Law of Peace Part 3: Keeping and Preserving It"
  • For a note about this book and a way to purchase it CLICK HERE

3. Discovery - Heathens - Slavery - Religious Freedom: 1492-
   1992. Communiqué 15, Traditional Circle of Indian Elders
   and Youth, 1992. Navigate to http://www.twocircles.org
for the complete text.

4. "400 years of hostility to native Americans,"
   Oren Lyons, Times Union, August 9, 2009.
   Navigate to http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/

   for this article.

It's official. It's Haida Gwaii!

The Queen Charlotte Islands are no more.
Premier Gordon Campbell has just announced that the colonial name of the islands, used for more than 200 years, will be dropped and replaced by Haida Gwaii on all provincial maps and in all provincial references. Learn More.

Mark Your Calendars

Oren Lyons will be a keynote speaker at the 2010 North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) September 28 through October 2. For more information visit http://www.naaee.org/conference.

Bioneers Campaigns Include 2010 Women's Leadership Program

"Cultivating Women’s Leadership brings together women of diverse cultures, ages and backgrounds to learn from and with each other. Emphasizing the unique qualities and opportunities that women bring to leadership..." Learn More.

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CARIBOU PEOPLE: Sarah James, Gwin'in, descibes the need to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with wilderness protection, at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

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