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Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts

American Indian Institute, Bozeman, Montana


April 2010


More than 50 Participants Braved Cold Weather & Snow at Navajo Forum

Snow on the canyon floor viewed from the south rim.

Oren Lyons, Onondaga; Louise McDonald, Mohawk; and Sarah James, Neetsaii Gwich’in were keynote speakers at the Navajo Ancient Voices Forum, February 19-21. During the three-days, plenary and small discussion sessions were interspersed with trips through and along the rims of Canyon de Chelly, a community dinner, hoop dancing, weaving demonstrations and more. The weather was blustery at times and featured several brief snow storms. Nevertheless, participants reported that it was all worth it and that the beauty and spiritual essence of Canyon de Chelly all but stole the show. More below.

Mayan Calendar

In her article "The Maya Calendars and 2012" Guatemalan Maya Elder Mercedes B. Longfellow describes the 20 Mayan calendars and offers alternative interpretations to the Armageddon predictions for 2012 being circulated by some. To download her article CLICK HERE.

Click above to view a 9 minute video drawn from the 7th Southwest Indigenous Uranium Summit, November 2009.


Oren at the 2007 UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Oren Lyons to Address UN Permanent Forum

On April 28th, 2010 Onondaga Faithkeeper Oren Lyons again addresses the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. The subject is the centuries old "Doctrine of Discovery," a Catholic Papal proclamation that Christian explorers could claim land occupied by non-Christian peoples. Oren presents a "Preliminary study of the impact on indigenous peoples of the international legal construct known as the Doctrine of Discovery." To download a final draft of that study CLICK HERE.


Navajo Ancient Voices Participants Request Direction to Future

Photos left to right: Tour Trucks in the Canyon, one of the many ancient dwellings along canyon walls, keynote speakers Sarah James, Louise McDonald, Oren Lyons.

One of the most often expressed desires among Ancient Voices participants is for "next steps." In response to a question on the Navajo Forum evaluation form, "What did you expect to get out of this forum?" one participant echoed the sentiments of many when answering, "Guidance as to future steps to take along the journey to a better world."

Drawing on the theme "Women's Ways of Knowing", another answer to the same evaluation question was: "A way to get the power of women to work better for change."

The reality that human kind's actions are causing great damage to Mother Earth is not in question. The answers needed are: what to do now, where to go from here, how to make something happen. What are your ideas along these lines? To share ideas or to ask about what others are doing, take advantage of the list serve we've set up for that purpose. Simply go to http://mailman.listserve.com/listmanager/listinfo/ancientvoices and sign up. Then any message sent to the Ancient Voices list will come to you and you can reach all the members of the list serve by sending a message to ancientvoices@listserve.com and everyone on the list will receive your message. Please join the conversation.


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