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Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts

American Indian Institute, Bozeman, Montana


February 2011


Ancient Voices Forum Planned for October At Mohawk

Save the dates October 8-10, 2011 for the next Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts Forum to be held at the Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community, near Fonda, New York. Keynote speakers and discussion leaders will soon be announced. The number of participants will be limited to 50 so register early. If you would like to reserve a place call toll free 1-877-587-6001.

A screening of the file Dakota 38 (rough cut) was seen in Seattle on December 9th, 2010. The film is scheduled for release sometime in May 2011. Watch for it in your area. A 3 minute trailer is available at www.smoothfeather.org.


All Against The Haul, a homegrown effort, is working to stop the construction of a permanent industrial corridor for oversized loads to the Alberta Tar Sands through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Learn More.


Written by Paul Wallace,with a foreword by Chief Leon Shenandoah, an epilogue by John Mohawk and illustrated by John Kahionhes Fadden White Roots of Peace is a faithful retelling of the epic story of Deganawidah, the Peacemaker.

If you are interested in the next Ancient Voices Forum, you might be intersted in reading this work.

Click for Plantagon.com


An article by By Hans Hassle and Oren R. Lyons begins "Most of us would agree that mankind is not taking care of Earth and ourselves in the best way we could. Social, environmental and political development are all heading in directions no-one can fail to see, and no-one could wish for." and goes on to say "There is no way we can continue business as usual, if we want a liveable future for mankind." To read the entire article click here.


Peacemaker Story Available on CD

The Peacemaker's Journey: How the Great Law of Peace Came to the Original Five Nations, told by the late Chief Jake Swamp, respected spiritual leader of the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation and Ancient Voices discussion leader. The CD is available for purchase through

AII for $12 (proceeds of sales to support Tree of Peace Society). If you are interest in a copy of this 35 minute audio CD, contact Eric Noyes eric@twocircles.org


A Web Site Dedicated to Actions to Help Combat Global Warming

DoSomething.org is a broadly inclusive web site promoting actions aimed at reducing global warming. Many of the actions recommended we all know about

by now; steps to reduce energy use, by local, etc. Nevertheless, few of us are perfect in our efforts to implement them. It's worth visiting DoSomething.org now and again to remind ourselves what's possible.


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