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No. 025, April 2012



Coming Saturday, April 21, 2012 presented by Tom Sakokwenionkwas Porter, Kanatsiohareke

Come hear Tom Sakokwenionkwas Porter, a vital and respected Mohawk Elder, share a method to honor and give thanks to The Creator for a good life, and show respect for all other life. Bring your questions, all your friends, and your own beautiful smiling faces.

Saturday, April 21 10:00 am - 2:00pm
4934 State Highway 5, Fonda, NY 12068

What is the best way to preserve a culture or a society and have it fit in a complex ecosystem? The traditional Haudenosaunee answer might be to show love and gratitude for what you have, and cultivate the good mind to share it with others. Learn how these visionary and harmonious integrations of genuine human thought are pertinent to the current human condition. Understand why The Four Sacred Rituals are present in every Haunedosaunee Ceremony. See how these significant rituals give the people a method to honor the Creator, and to show gratitude for all gifts, both physical and spiritual. Read More

Diné and Hopi protest further dismantling of their basic right to water

"From the frontlines of the water wars: Diné and Hopi water rights at risk, protesters gather on Navajo Nation" Click here to read this article in Intercontinental Cry.
Audrey Shenandoah

One of the best has left our Circle. Audrey Shenandoah stepped to the other side on March 15. She was 85.

The loss of Audrey goes deep, her family first, her nation, the Circle, all indigenous people and those who value integrity, courage, wisdom, commitment, moral and spiritual insight and the ability to use all of that in service to others.

Audrey was a role model for all women. She personified the best of her heritage, living it, teaching it and fulfilling it in her duties within her community and nation. She was a force for good in a time of increasing pressure for her people and chaos throughout the world, and her influence was widely felt. We remember her keynote speech at the 1990 Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders in Moscow (see Communiqué 13). She and Gro Harlem Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway, were keynote speakers. Strong women who headlined the international gathering. Audrey's message was one of respect, harmony and peace among all people, respect for all life and for the earth and the forces that sustain life. She carried that message throughout her life.

Audrey is now free of this life's limitations, and we rejoice for her even as we share the pain of her loss. We say goodbye with love.

Bob Staffanson, on behalf of the American Indian Institute


Three documents of interest

A December 20, 2011 Haudenosaunee letter to President Barack Obama concerning the Keystone XL pipeline, Click to Download

The World Council of Churches February 2012 Statement on the Doctrine of Discovery's Enduring impact on Indigenous Peoples, Click to Download

The World Council of Churches February 2012 Document Disowning the Doctrine of Discovery, Click to Download


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