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Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts

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No. 027, July 2012


Urban Activist
By Colby Johnson, Carleton College Voice, Spring 2012

Sasha Houston Brown, Santee Sioux, launched a campaign that led inter- national retailer Urban Outfitters to discontinue a clothing line she found demeaning to Native Americans. Read More.

A Follow-Up on Sasha Houston Brown's action in the Carleton College story above:

"On Tails of Navajo Controversy, Urban Out-
fitters' Stock Plunges, CEO Resigns,"

an Indian Country Today story. Read the whole story.

Mohawk Women Integrate the Condolence Ceremony Into Modern Systems
By Jenni Monet, Indian Country Today Media Network
March 21, 2012

At a Protocols of Peace symposium at the NMAI, Beverly Cook shared how the condolence ceremony can help Natives cope with historical grief. (Stephen Lang/courtesy National Museum of the American Indian) Read more

Edited by Debra McNutt for the
Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute
The Evergreen State College,
Olympia Washington

An engaging 16-page document explaining that "Native peoples have become an early-warning system for the rest of humanity that climate change is already altering our environment, our economies, and our cultures." Download as a PDF file.

Three documents of interest

A December 20, 2011 Haudenosaunee letter to President Barack Obama concerning the Keystone XL pipeline, Click to Download

The World Council of Churches February 2012 Statement on the Doctrine of Discovery's Enduring impact on Indigenous Peoples, Click to Download

The World Council of Churches February 2012 Document Disowning the Doctrine of Discovery, Click to Download


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