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Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts

American Indian Institute, Bozeman, Montana


No. 027, June 2013

Putting culture back in agraculture

Putting the Culture Back in Agriculture:
Reviving Native Food and Farming Traditions

"In the last century, three-quarters of the genetic diversity of agricultural crops have been lost. Thirty crops now provide 95% of our food needs, with rice, wheat, maize, and potato alone providing 60%."

This article in TowardFreedom.com explains, "Native peoples' efforts to protect their crop varieties and agricultural heritage in the US go back 500 years to when the Spanish conquistadors arrived. Today, Native communities throughout the US are reclaiming and reviving land, water, seeds, and traditional food and farming practices..." Click Here to read the full article.

Chief Sidney Hill

Haudenosaunee Grand Council Reiterates Position
on Elected Councils
Read More

Preparing to walk out

Sovereign Nations Walk Out of Meeting With U.S. State Department Unanimously Rejecting Keystone XL Pipeline Read More


A 54 minute documentary, mostly in Inuit with English subtitles. Often, it is difficult to attend to the subtitles because you can't take your eyes off of the beautiful people and astonishing scenery.


Do Something Good; For a Change!

At the Kanatsiohareke Ancient Voices Forum in New York, Oren Lyons ask the participants to do something; to write an email to President Obama about the Keystone XL Pipeline. Sometimes, beyond writing to a policymaker, it's hard to imagine what one person can do in the face of such overwhelming phenomena as global warming, climate change and all the consequences they threaten to bring. Don't let the enormity of it all keep you from acting responsibly. The Union of Concerned Scientists lists a set of ten things you can do. Click here to complete a survey about those and other possible things to do.


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