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Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts

American Indian Institute, Bozeman, Montana


No. 028, July 2013


Resolving grievances: Eliminating violence against indigenous nations

"While consultations between indigenous nations and modern states worldwide - mostly over resource extraction and development proposals - are in the news, little has been said about conditions for consultations. Since states and corporations are seeking to lend the appearance of meeting the free, prior and informed consent standard set by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, it might seem reasonable that indigenous nations place conditions on how these consultations are conducted..."

Click Here to read the full article.

Uranium Mining and Native Resistance: The Uranium Exploration and Mining Accountability Act

Native Americans in the northern great plains have the highest cancer rates in the United States, particularly lung cancer. It's a problem that the United States government has woefully ignored, much the horror of the men and women who must carry the painful, life-threatening burden.

The cancer rates started increasing drastically a few decades after uranium mining began on their territory. Click Here to read the entire article.


Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign

A Presentation about the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign focussing on the environmental messages at the cores of this 400 year old agreement and calling on us to live up to its promise. Speakers: Onondaga Faithkeeper Oren Lyons and others.

The public is also invited to greet the paddlers as they land at Catskill Point Park at about 4:30 pm on July 30 and when we depart the following morning about 10 am. Click Here for further information.


New York City Two Row Wampum Festival

"Join the Onondaga Nation, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, American Indian Community House and the American Indian Law Alliance on August 10 for a historic commemoration to mark the 400 year anniversary of the Two Row Wampum, the oldest treaty between the Haudenosaunee and the Dutch. This day-long festival will feature world-class Native singers, dancers, speakers, performers, and artists. We will be honoring paddlers and riders who have just completed a journey down the Hudson to bring the Two Row's messages of sovereignty and solidarity to life. Free and open to the public, all children and Elders welcome! This location is handicap accessible." Click here for more information about the commemoration. Click here to visit the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Facebook page.


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