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Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts

American Indian Institute, Bozeman, Montana


No. 037, April 2014


A new website by Swedish television-journalists Åsa Stibner and Hasse Lisskog showcases a number of photos taken at the 2013 Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexrts Forum at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. http://www.powerofelders.com.


Host a screening in your community of...

"Guswenta: Renewing the Two Row Wampum", a short film by Gwendolen Cates, won the award for best short film at the Rated SR Socially Relevant Film Fest in New York City.

This 33-minute film features stunning footage of the 28 day paddling journey from the Onondaga Nation to the United Nations in New York City during the summer of 2013, along with powerful words from Haudenosaunee leaders including Onondaga Faithkeeper Oren Lyons, Onondaga Clanmother Freida Jacques, Mohawk spiritual leader Tom Porter, and Tadodaho Sid Hill. The film inspires people, indigenous and non-native, to consider our collective responsibility 400 years after the Two Row Wampum Treaty was created.

Fees are negotiable to bring the film and speakers involved in the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign and filmmaker Gwendolen Cates to present to campus programs, classes and community groups. For more information, or to make arrangements, contact Andy Mager tworow@peacecouncil.net, 315-701-1592


We Walk on Our Ancestors
The Sacredness of the Black Hills

An Article by Leonard Little Finger, Lakota
Appearing in the March 2014 issue of Cultural Survival Quarterly

"In 1883, my grandfather, Saste, was a child of seven years. With his parents, he traveled in a group into the Black Hills in South Dakota for a sacred prayer journey to Washun Niye, a site from which Mother Earth breathes. They were following a path that had been a journey for his people for thousands of years. In preparation for the ceremony, the women dried the hide of a pte, or tatanka (buffalo), which was carried to this site for the sacred ceremony...." Click here to download a PDF version of the article..


Seneca Nation - First U.S. Tribe to Establish Native Plant Policy

by Seneca Nation
"Allegany Territory, Salamanca, NY - The Seneca Nation of Indians has unanimously approved a policy ensuring that new landscape planting in public spaces on Seneca lands will be exclusively comprised of local indigenous species. This new policy also encourages private Seneca landholders to choose local North American flora in their planting decisions." Read the entire article.


Timbisha Shoshone Tribal Leaders Challenge BIA-Supervised Takeover

"This week Timbisha Shoshone tribal leaders filed a challenge contesting the results of a Secretarial election on a new constitution for the Tribe, taking a further step in their ongoing battle to preserve Timbisha sovereignty and self-government. This follows a March 18th filing of an administrative appeal, still pending, to stop the vote." Read the entire article.



BC preparing injunction against Unist'ot'en pipeline resistance camp.

by John Ahni Schertow
"Grassroots Wet'suwet'en and allies unite to say No Fracked Gas Pipelines!
"Leaders of the Unist'ot'en resistance camp held a press conference in Vancouver on April 7, 2014 in response to leaked information that the Provincial government is preparing an injunction against the camp. The camp is in Wet'suwet'en territory in northern BC on the route of the Pacific Trail fracked gas pipeline." Read the entire article.


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