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No. 041, August 2014


After 800 Years the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne Endures

"The Mohawk Nation Council is a democratically based governing entity established over 800 years ago and is the founding member of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy-the Rotinosionni (in Mohawk) or the Haudenosaunee (from the Seneca dialect of Iroquois. The Council itself was created when Skennenrahowi met the Mohawks at Kahon:ios (Cohoes Falls) and convinced them to abandon their former status as a violent people and adopt the principles of the Kaiienerakowa, the Great Law of Peace. Despite centuries of attempts to subdue, remove, replace and suppress this traditional form of

government by Britain, France, the US and Canada the Nation Council endures and continues to meet in session to the current day with its members speaking Kanienke (Mohawk) and taking an active part in the elaborate rituals through which the Mohawk people preserve their identity as well as their connection with the natural world...." Read the entire article.


Government takes heartless stand against efforts to help First Nations devastated by Mount Polley tailings pond catastrophe

COAST SALISH TRADITIONAL TERRITORY, Aug. 9, 2014 - "In a heartless and illogical move, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is refusing to allow Secwepemc First Nations devastated by the worst mining disaster in BC history to apply some of their Section 35 fish for salmon to catches in Musqueam First Nation's downstream waters...." Read the entire article.


Guatemalan Court Rules in Favor of Indigenous People

Written by Christin Sandberg
Wednesday, 30 July 2014 19:32

"A Guatemalan court ruled in favor of the indigenous people of the municipality of Sipacapa over transnational mining in the area. The court says the Guatemalan government must respect the right to information and consultation with the local population before granting any kind of mining permits...." Read the entire article.


'Racism Is Central' to Tribal Conflict with Maine, Says Report

Gale Courey Toensing 7/17/14
"When Maine lawmakers passed a law this spring that limited the Passamaquoddy Tribe's jurisdiction over elvers fishing, they violated the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act by acting without the tribe's consent, an important new report says." Read the entire article..


Indigenous Seed Savers Gather in the Andes, Agree to Fight Climate Change with Biodiversity

As climate change makes it more difficult to practice agriculture in their ancestral homelands, indigenous communities are exchanging seeds in hopes of finding the hardiest varieties.

by Erin Sagen
posted Jul 30, 2014

"On top of a rugged Andean mountain situated high in Peru’s Cusco region, on about 22,000 acres of conserved land known as Parque de la Papa (Spanish for “Potato Park”), indigenous farmers met in late April to discuss conditions they feared were threatening their ancestral lands...." Read the entire article.


Alaska Natives try to keep old foodways alive in land of food pyramid

Consumption of traditional nutritional staples such as salmon, moose and bear has fallen in recent generations

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - "Rain has soaked the ground, and a deep chill settles in Danielle Alvarez's gloved fingers as she rubs them into the wet hide of a moose.

Soaked in fermented moose brain for two weeks, the hide is now soft and malleable, easier to dehair, stretch and

strip. Alvarez, 20, and her mentor, Rochelle Adams, bend over the table to work, tediously scraping off the fine, stringy hair follicle membrane.

They will scrape for hours, the stench burning their noses...." Read the entire article.


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