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No. 047, March 2015


A major theme for this Forum is Reaching Consensus on Commitments to Action. During the previous six Forums we have talked about problems and needs. Now, we will create plans to act. Participants will implement Six Nations-like protocols for consensus-based decision-making to create action plans to foment change.... change in ourselves, our families, our communities, national change, global change, and change in the way the Earth is treated.

To read more about Re-Polishing the Silver Covenant Chain, click here to download a description. To reserve a place at this forum, Click Here to register or call 406-587-1002 or email Eric Noyes, eric@twocircles.org. This Forum is limited to 60 participants so if you're planning to attend, please act now.


UVic program aims to revitalize South Slavey language in N.W.T.

17 students enrolled in University of Victoria's Aboriginal Language Revitalization program
By Erin Brohman, Garrett Hinchey, with files from Shannon Scott, CBC News Posted: Mar 16, 2015 10:00 AM CT

"March is Aboriginal Languages Month in the Northwest Territories, and a language revival course is opening new doors and possibilities for those who want to learn one of the territory's 11 official tongues.

"Aboriginal Language Revitalization is a four-year program taught out of the University of Victoria, but based in the N.W.T. It pairs fluent speakers with a group of adult students interested in learning Dene Zhatie - also known as South Slavey. Currently, there are 17 students in the program, including Fort Simpson's Dahti Tsetso, who was paired with Violet Jumbo." Read the entire article.




by Sabine Kienzl
February 18, 2015

"While high profile teams of government officials and representatives of Colombia's main leftist guerrilla group, the FARC, try to negotiate a peace deal in Havana, Indigenous Peoples continue to be killed in their territories. In the last week alone, four Indigenous persons have been shot dead and three more disappeared. Further facts are still under investigation.

"It was under such dire circumstances that some 400 people gathered in Bogota last week to participate in the National Peace Forum. Organized by Colombia's Indigenous Peoples, the aim of the peace forum was to present Indigenous perspectives on peace, to discuss ways of protecting Indigenous territories and to create dialogues with other sectors of Colombian society, including Afro-Colombians, farmers and intellectuals." Read the entire article.

Click to download this poster

Click here to download this poster.


First Nations Languages Conference

"First Nations Languages Conference, 'In the Spirit of Sharing' is an event dedicated to supporting First Nations languages to persist and flourish. Held every two years, this conference brings together Elders, teachers, linguists, administrators and many others to learn and share. The conference workshops showcase a variety of promising practices in language teaching and planning, curriculum development, technology and community revitalization efforts." For more information Click Here.


Nihígáál Bee iina' - Walk for Existence

"The Navajo Nation sits on one of the richest energy corridors in the United States, and for close to a century, we have been on the frontline on resource colonization to provide cheap energy and water to the cities in the Southwest. Since the 1920's, our land and people have been sacrificed for energy extraction for oil, gas, uranium, and coal, which is poisoning our land, water, air, and people. Despite being at the forefront of energy extraction, our people do not see its benefits; approximately 1/4 of our people today live without electricity and running water on the Navajo Nation, while our economy functions at an unemployment rate of about 60%, and our young people are leaving due to lack of opportunity. Now our people and land are facing the onset fracking and a proposed pipeline, which will transport crude oil through 130 miles in Dinetah in the name of "economic development". As young people, we realize that we can't continue on like this. We need clean air, water, and a viable life-way for our people. In facing this crisis of our future, the idea of walking to raise awareness was born." Click Here to read a full description and watch the video.


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