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December 14, 2015

Friend of the American Indian Institute

Dear Friend:

It is with pleasure that I offer my new book Witness to Spirit to the friends and patrons of the American Indian Institute.

The book describes the origin and development of what became the Two Circles; the Institute and the Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth. It chronicles some of the highlights of its more than forty year tenure. In its first meeting at the Missouri River headwaters, the wise ones in the Traditional Circle said, "It will take the effort of a couple of generations before we can assess the lasting impact of what we propose to do." They have both patience and wisdom in thinking long-term.

The book also describes my life-journey and the elements that led to the formation of the American Indian Institute. The Two Circles have completed one generation of effort on behalf of assistance to traditional Native Americans in sustaining a priceless heritage - the only wisdom indigenous to this hemisphere, and in promoting understanding and cooperation across cultures. Only three of the original elders who first met at the Missouri Headwaters in Montana remain. The American Indian Institute has undergone numerous changes over the years as well.

The first generation achieved momentous results beginning with the creation of a new format for cooperation between Indian and non-Indian people based on trust and within a framework of traditional Indian worldviews. The results have been deep in North America and around the world. As we enter a new era with new horizons we have a solid structure and record to build a new future with new opportunities and challenges in a changing world.

It is to the far-sighted and intrepid people who have given their support and endorsement to an unorthodox and long overdue recognition and cooperation between Native Americans and the people who displaced them that we owe our most profound gratitude. Without that support the record we hold up could not have happened, along with a future bright with promise.

For more information click here to download the publisher's SellSheet or for more information and to purchase Witness to Spirit please visit http://www.twocircles.org/index.php/witness-to-spirit

With gratitude and esteem,

Bob Staffanson
President Emeritus

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