Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts
A Series of Cross-Cultural Forums

Creating the New
Paradigm for Survival

The principal objective of the Ancient Voices - Contemporary Contexts Forums is to fulfill a 2005 Elders Circle mandate: "get the Elder voice out" and get dialogue started across cultures. The essential elements of the Elders' message include:


An Unprecedented Gathering

Seldom have so many traditional grassroots spiritual leaders of Indigenous nations of North America come together to share their cultural and spiritual wisdom with non-Native people.  Contemporary social and environmental problems are in desperate need of alternative approaches.  The traditional Native perspective offers new ground from which to address these issues.

The voice of Elders is an ancient voice with deep spiritual roots.
Participants at Ancient Voices Forums have an opportunity to share in the perspective of traditional Native American leaders and together:

The ancient indigenous voice is relevant to today's world, and may hold keys to our common survival.  Each three-day Forum offers participants a unique opportunity to sit with the most revered traditional voices from Indian country - to hear first-hand their perspectives and concerns, and to explore these ideas in close dialogue.

During the Forums, Elders begin each day in ceremony of thanksgiving.  A keynote address follows, laying the foundation for discussions in small group sessions, each led by one or more traditional leaders.  These sessions provide the opportunity for close exploration and discussion of traditional indigenous wisdom and its modern relevance and implications.

Afternoons are devoted to small group activities out in the physical indigenous environment and in the community.

Watch a video of a Swedish Television report about the Flathead Forum.